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Baja California Trips and Adventures 

"Baja California is a contradictory land of desert and sea with an austere and uncluttered horizon, offering exhilarating adventures that will restore your sense of freedom and beauty and grace or simply blind your intellect with bucket-size margaritas" - that's how a good friend introduces the visitors of to the second longest peninsula of the planet, Baja California. Well put - but you will still have to make your own experiences. I bet they will be different.

Flowering Ocotillo

Even though Baja California offers perfect conditions for a pure camping trip, most of my trips and tours will be a refreshing mix of camp fires and hotel comfort. Occasionally I organize excoursions exclusively with hotel lodging, and some tours that will completely depend on camp locations.

I am looking forward to traveling with you!

Harald Pietschmann

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