Baja California "first-time" Extreme Adventure Series

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Baja California "first-time" Extreme Adventure Series

Over the last 25 years I have been exploring almost every corner of Baja California with 4WD. Heard about "forgotten" roads like the Pole Line Road just south of the border. Found them. Drove them. Found a bunch more. There isn't much I haven't done between the border and Cabo San Lucas.

But I also ran into dead ends - roads that seemed to abruptly stop and roads that had been washed away by hurricanes. Could I get through anyway? Those roads have intrigued me more than the ones you can simply drive from A to B.

Even more exciting are some areas in Baja where the maps don't offer any roads at all. Always wondered, what's out there? Are there any tracks created by ranchers or fishermen that never made it onto a map and could be used to explore Baja more deeply?

Well, I have located several forgotten roads as well as "roadless" areas that beg to be visited. Now with the presence of Google Earth, planning has become much easier. But substantial scouting and hard labor is still necessary to make it a successful drive. None of these adventures can be pulled off alone. A team of fearless adventurers is needed.

Fortunately Mexico has (until now) less restrictions than the US - no spotted owl will keep you from visiting a virgin beach. However, many of the adventures I have in mind will become impossible in a few years. Fences and locked gates are springing up everywhere - especially if there is a white beach close by. So, this might be the first as well as the last chance for many of us to drive areas that haven't been driven before.

Harald Pietschmann


you do see the "road" - do you?