Cueva Pintada

Cave Painting-Expedition

Whale Nursery

Snorkeling with sea lions

romantic camp fires

paradise beaches

centuries old Ranchos
Highlights of our Baja travels and explorations

You will definitely return home with many unforgettable impressions about Baja California - the mayor highlights will be the expedition trek to the prehistoric cave paintings, a moving visit to the nursery of gray whales and snorkeling with sea lions and whale sharks (no, they are not dangerous!).

Running tears caused by deep emotions when meeting the whales are very common. You might say "balony", but then you probably haven't been carefully nudged at your elbow by a 30 ton giant before. During the playful encounter with the sea lion colony many of my guests have been shouting "Sh..! Sh..!" because they were so moved that they could not form complete sentences any longer.

And then there will be many other, very personal highlights. They will not minimize the impressions during whale watching, cave painting expedition or sea lion visit - luckily, they will add on. Maybe I can sensify you in a way that you could experiment traveling without an intinerary in the future. Leave your worries at home - the next moment of bliss might be around the next turn. Long inspiring talks around a protecting camp fire glow or the romantic sunrises at paradise beaches will leave everlasting marks in your memory. Or the inspirations you might have when visiting one of the remote ranchos, where the hard quiet life has not changed for hundreds of years.

I am convinced - you will take home so much more than just impressions from a foreign land..

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