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Baja California is known as one of the last paradises for animals and plants - including some hidden cultural gems. In order to experience the desert's solitude, to admire some rare plants without rushing, to have ample time to admire the remote cultural treasures, I have created a very special Baja California trip for you.
It is concentrated on the essential, the rough desert land and its unsuspected beauties, the hidden paradises - however, we will avoid the new Baja with its unappealing mass tourism.

The smaller the group, the more attention I can give each of you personally - for that reason we have usually no more than 5 guest on each trip.
This is a trip offer geared towards active admirers of nature, who would rather be an active self drive explorer than a plain consumer sitting in a group bus. This way it will feel like you are on your own private Safari - and still have the safety of a small group under professional guidance working for you. For some of you, if you have no intention to drive yourself, I have made my co-driver seat available.

I created theses trips about 25 years ago because I prefer to travel with likeminded people. To prevent that theses tours would ever turn into everyday work and I won't turn into a bored tour guide - I offer only one or two trips per year. Sometimes none at all. I make my living somewhere else and simply enjoy creating this exclusive and individual service to lovers of nature - and I enjoy passing on my Baja knowledge.

As you see in the section "Itinerary" the program is flexible enough to accomodate your personal wishes - that way we did not have 2 identical tors in 25 years. Due to theis flexible layout you have the opportunity to change the intinerary during the trip depending on your preferences. With this very open structure it also becomes easier to counteract all the every day abnormalities of a developing country.

To make it possible to submerge yourself, to truly taste this remote desrt paradise, we travel most of the time on remote roads. We will spend most nights camping in absolute solitude. Camping is a very active group experience magnifying your unforgettable wilderness experiences. Remember, "mañana" only means "not today".

To get as much insight as possible into what to expect during the Baja California trips, I am not only providing extensive image galleries - but more importantly I am giving you detailed and honest information about all activities. I don't want to hard sell Baja California to you - I am hoping to titilate you, to inspire you.

Harald Pietschmann

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