Jeeep Grand Cherokee with Teddybear Chollas in Gonzaga desertdriving through the Gonzaga desert

Fall itinerary

personalized small groups
min 2 - max 7 guests

larger groups
additional trips upon request
Itinerary concept

My Baja California Nature Trips are slightly different depending on the season. Since the grey whales only congregate at Scammon's Lagoon early in the year, the fall trip will follow a different outline.

All itineraries shown here are possible variants - not a firm itinerary. In more than 25 years we did not have 2 trips that were identical. Yours and the preferences of the group will determine exactly where we will go, which road we will follow or whether we'll stay a day longer (or 2) at a particularly relaxing beach. Could be that we'll skip the beach entirely because its too windy and we head for a hotel. With more than 25 years of ravel experience in Baja California I'll be happy to help you find the right decision. I will assist you to weigh the pros and cons of our many options. Since all our groups are very small , it should be easy get you where you want to be.

Whenever possible we'll follow routes far away from the main travel highways. Intimate insight of this exemplary desert paradise and an impression of how its inhabitants have carved a life out of this harsh environment is only possible when we travel the slow roads.

All my Baja California Natur Trips and Tours have a distinct expedition character, because non of the wilderness camps has any facilities. In fact in some spots we might be the first humans ever to camp there. However, due to our solar showers we can always freshen up. When camping at a beach you might prefer the open water over the shower though.

It can happen, and it has happened more than a few times, that one of the annual hurricanes has damaged the route we wanted to take so much, that we'll have to pick a different one. The consquence can also be that we can not reach a destination at all.
So far, with some imagination and the moving of rocks, we have almost always been able to make the "road" drivable. After all, teaching mission impossible is my main job. But please bear in mind, sometimes we might have to turn around. This is as close to a real expedition as it gets.

Harald Pietschmann

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