You are right - who is this Pietschmann guy?

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My name is Harald Pietschmann, I am a very young 67-year old from Hamburg/Germany - I visit Germany on occasion, but live almost year round in La Paz, Baja California (Mexico) and have been working in the 4x4 field for more than 25 years (primarily in the US). I live in Mexico because sunshine is such a vital factor of happiness.

I write books and adventurous stories for magazines. I rather get inspired by Nature and watch my flowers bloom, than suffocate in some office. I am a very successful specialist for 4WD conducting 4x4 training and organizing adventurous tours and expeditions since 1986.

You are in good hands with me. I know Baja California like the inside of my pockets - it is my home. Since 1985 I have been exploring Baja California, mostly alone and occasionally with guests. Rarely I am bound by roads and still find undisturbed caves of long vanished tribes. I produced a German Baja California tour guide (Baja California Touren-Manual). Furthermore I have produced a number of TV and magzine productions about Baja California - lost count of the many travel stories (mainly for the European market abenteuer&reisen).

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